MARCH 16th 2024
Columbia Composers Presents : Dither Quartet featuring artists Martine Thomas & Thea Mesirow

Performance of an electronic solo set for modular synthesizers and shell instruments.

Free and open to the public.

DECEMBER 11th 2023
Translucent Harmonies Record Release Concert

Join andPlay for the celebration of their most recent record, “Translucent Harmonies” out now on Another Timbre. Opening set, “ecstatic resonances” by clarinetist, Madison Greenstone. andPlay performs two new works by Kristofer Svensson and an ensemble work by Catherine Lamb.

“Ljusomflutna, sakta vindar” (2019) by Kristofer Svensson
“I den gyllene luften” (2022) by Kristofer Svensson
“Prisma Interius VIII” (2018) by Catherine Lamb

andPlay is joined by David Adamcyk, Tristan Kasten-Krause, Thea Mesirow, Corie Rose Soumah for the Catherine Lamb.